Ferrous Marketing Ferralum Metals Group expands its ferrous marketing operations through Steelcom, with offices strategically located in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, and Monaco.





Empowering Sustainable Industries through Circularity and Responsible Operations

With a strong focus on aluminum recycling, ferrous marketing, and metallurgical coke production, we are committed to reducing environmental impact while driving industrial progress across the world.

Ferrous Metals Procurement & Marketing


STEELCOM Group is a global, independent player in steel and raw material procurement, backed by six decades of industry expertise. Our extensive network and exceptional market knowledge enable us to offer premium products, sourced from reputable producers worldwide.

Supply Chain Solutions:

At the heart of our business is a commitment to providing value-added, integrated solutions to our global customers. STEELCOM Group’s is specialized in professional supply chain management within the steel and commodities sector. Our comprehensive product and service portfolio, coupled with a profound customer requirement orientation, ensures that we deliver tailored solutions to meet or exceed expectations.

Steel Products and Commodities:

STEELCOM Group’s business spans a diverse range of steel products and commodities, covering semi-finished goods, long and flat products, pipes and tubes, automotive and special steel, as well as essential raw materials used for the steel production. Our versatile portfolio is crafted to align with prevailing market needs and individual customer requirements. Whether it’s providing high-quality special alloyed steel and coils or delivering various raw materials, Steelcom Group’s commitment to excellence resonates across every stage of the steel production supply chain.

Ferrous Metals Procurement & Marketing

Our subsidiary STEELCOM is globally active in the procurement and marketing of steel and steel-related raw materials as well as professional supply chain management within the ferrous sector.

Having started its activity back in 1958, STEELCOM benefits from vast industry experience spanning more than six decades and has become a reputable brand within the industry.

With a comprehensive product and service portfolio, profound customer focus, and innovative value-added, integrated business solutions, STEELCOM is a reliable partner for sophisticated demands and business development decisions.

STEELCOM’s extensive business network is based on reliable and long-standing relations which have grown over many decades. Combined with excellent market knowledge as well as commercial, financial and technical know-how, STEELCOM is well positioned to offer premium products both from our own production facilities as well as other reputable producers.

With its headquarter in Essen, Germany, STEELCOM handles steel products and commodities who serve the whole steel production supply chain and vary depending on prevailing market needs and customer requirements.

The company is proud to have been selected as a strategic supplier for several Blue-Chip OEM’s as well as leading industrial plants.

Years Established

International Locations

Our Strategic Locations

With strategic entities in Essen (Germany), Austria, Luxembourg, Monaco and Spain, STEELCOM Group establishes a robust global footprint. They have evolved over decades and play a pivotal role in optimizing supply chains, ensuring proximity to key markets, and enhancing our capacity to deliver unparalleled steel and commodities solutions. Each location contributes uniquely to our success, embodying the essence of efficiency and excellence in the steel industry.

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