Aluminium Our focus is on turning used aluminum into valuable raw materials through eco-friendly processes. By doing so, we contribute to a cleaner environment and promote a circular economy.





Aluminum Excellence – Sustainable Innovations – Global Impact.

As a secondary aluminum producer our highly-skilled team transforms aluminum scrap into premium alloyed rolling slabs, emphasizing minimal use of primary aluminum. With a state-of-the-art technology, we are serving customer solutions while using approx. 95% less energy compared to primary aluminum production plants and shaping a greener future. We are empowering tomorrow, today.

Secondary Aluminum Production – Made in Germany

Sustainable Resource Management:

Ferralum Metals Group operates aluminum recycling plants in Germany (Berlin and Stockach), which are serving sophisticated industries as a reliable source of premium recycled aluminum since decades. Our commitment to circular economy practices offers businesses an eco-friendly alternative, contributing to resource conservation.

Technological Efficiency in Processing:

Our state-of-the-art technology. used in our both plants underlines our commitment to innovation. In addition to that it ensures the supply of high-quality aluminum raw materials while positioning us as a leading player within the sector and meeting the dynamic market demands for recycled aluminum.

Driving Profitability through Sustainability:

Ferralum Metals Group’s aluminum recycling division is a strategic business field. Actively participating in the circular economy it aligns with market demands and trends for sustainable materials and empowers companies to make environmentally conscious choices that positively impact both profitability and the planet.

Secondary Aluminum Production

Ferralum Metals Group owns two aluminum recycling plants in Germany (BAGR Berliner Aluminiumwerk GmbH and STOCKACH Aluminium GmbH) transforming aluminum scrap into valuable aluminum alloy slabs and being one of Europe’s top leading secondary aluminum producers.

With a proven track record and business history of more than 100 years, we are well-positioned in the market as a strategic supplier of aluminum slabs with a wide range of in-demand alloys (including 5xxx, 6xxx and 8xxx series).

The applied know-how, technology, and product excellence has even led to qualifications for sophisticated applications throughout the automotive and aerospace industry – made in Germany.

In this business sector, the group serves both with demand-production and fixed-fee tolling arrangements – depending on market demands.

A combined production capacity of 165,000 metric tons per year (with viable opportunities to expand) approx. 170 employees across both facilities, as well as state-of the-art technologies enable the group to be a reliable and capable partner for the sustainability needs of its clients.

An own heat treatment facility (at the BAGR plant in Berlin) will be commissioned in 2024 as well and will soon extend the service portfolio of the company and make it independent of external services.

Our production plants are proud to have been selected for being a long-term and strategic supplier to various blue-chip / sophisticated customers, including major European rolling mills and precision plate manufacturers.

Our secondary aluminum plants consume about 95% less energy than primary aluminum production plants and therefore play an essential role in shaping the sustainability requirements of today and tomorrow.

Years Established


Metric tons per year

Our Recycling Facilities

BAGR Berliner Aluminiumwerk GmbH

Location : Berlin – Germany

Establishment year : 1981

Plant configuration : 8 Furnaces – 2 Casting Pits

Main Alloys : 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx

Products : Rolling Slabs

STOCKACH Aluminium GmbH

Location : Stockach – Germany

Establishment year : 1921

Plant configuration : 8 Furnaces – 2 Casting Pits

Main Alloys : 5xxx, 6xxx, 8xxx

Products : Rolling Slabs

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