Raw Materials and Energy We are specialists for transforming coal into high quality coke products by the process of dry distillation from which we also produce electricity.





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Explore Ferralum Metals Group’s premier coke production division. From foundry coke to metallurgical coke, we deliver high-quality products that meet diverse industrial needs. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation ensures eco-friendly solutions also in this division for a greener tomorrow.

Raw Material Processing & Electricity Production


Our coke production is based on the distillation of selected, high-quality imported coal from global markets. Within our procurement processwe benefit from the advantage to have an own logistic terminal and operations at Savona terminal.

Dry Distillation:

Dry distillation is the process through which coal is gradually heated in the absence of air. The coke is given its desired characteristics by adjusting the temperature and the duration of the process. The high quality of the product obtained in this way allows us to meet the requirements of sophisticated customers around the world.

Cogeneration Plant:

Generating energy economically and efficiently is even more important when large amounts of energy, such as coke gas, are available as a by-product of a production process. The cogeneration plant produces 24 MW of power, i.e. a total of 140,000,000 kWh/year. The plant produces electricity which partly is used in the coke plant and the major portion sold to the national grid.

Raw Material Processing & Electricity Production

Ferralum Metals Group owns a 38,71 % (+ 21,29% call-option) stake in Italiana Coke S.r.l. a coke and electricity production plant in Savona, Italy.

With a business history of more than 125 years the company processes coking coal from selected sources into high quality foundry or metallurgical coke being supplied to various European and global customers.

With a production capacity of 450,000 mtpa, eligible high-quality products and a strategic location near the port of Savona it is positioned as one of Europe’s key suppliers of coke.

The company is located close to the port of Savona and is in possession of an own bulk terminal as well as a unique transport wire-line between plant and port.

The production system is based on dry distillation and the plant has an integrated on-site cogeneration plant (24MW) which produces 140,000,000. kWh/year. 80% of this production are supplied to the national grid.

Years Established

Mio. Kwh/year

Metric tons per year

Italiana Coke Group

Raw Material Processing & Electricity Production

Location : Savona, Italy

Establishment year : 1897

Products : Foundry Coke, Metallurgical Coke, Blast Furnace Coke, Coal Tar, Electricity

Logistic Facility

Location : Genoa / Savona – Italy

Configuration : Containers & Bulk shipping

Reach : Europe – Mediterranean countries – Far East – America


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